Yuma Arizona



Angie Mitchell, Interim-President called to order the regular meeting of the MDSPOA at 5:04 PM on November 3, 2016, at the Mesa Del Sol Golf Club, club house, Yuma AZ 85367.

2. Roll Call

The following Board members were present: Jae Allen, Bill Gresser, Bill King, Angie Mitchell, Sally Pottratz, John Ulrich and Joe Waterford..

Guests attending: Paul White, General Manager of the Mesa Del Sol Golf Club

3. Approval of the December 1, 2016 Board Meeting Minutes

The minutes of the October 6, 2016 Board meeting were distributed at the meeting. The meeting minutes as written were moved to be accepted by Jae Allen and seconded by Joe Waterford and the Board members approved the minutes.

4. Treasurer's Report

The Treasurerís Report dated November 3, 2016 was handed out and showed:

A. Cash beginning balance as of 10-05-2016 $17,817.87

B.October Expenses

1.Payment to iPower for web hosting for three years - $394.20

2. Payment to Jack of All Trades for repairs to Via Salida lights -$27.98

C. Cash ending balance as of 11-03-2016 $17,395.69

D. Balance in retainer account with Shadle and Walsma, Attorneys $2,000.00 Treasurer Bill King reported that he had received or would shortly receive the renewal invoice for the Directors and Officers Liability Insurance. The Board agreed not to seek new bids for this insurance and authorized the Treasurer to pay the renewal invoice for the Directors and Officers Liability Insurance.

5. Committee Reports

Golf Course Liaison
A. Paul White of the Mesa Del Sol Golf Club reported 1) that in the Spring of 2017 the golf course will continue work to grow grass on all areas of the fairways, 2) if any neighbors along the perimeter of the golf course are experiencing problems with water from the golf course coming on to their property please call the golf course and the issue will be worked on the same day it is reported, 3) the golf course is considering starting a junior golf program in 2017. .

A..There was no Membership committee report. President Mitchell reminded the Board that we need to find a new Membership committee chair..


A. The previously planned Hensley entrance landscaping tentatively scheduled for 11-07-2016 is postponed due to logistics issues in regard to selection and purchase of plants.

B. Joe Waterford moved and Bill Gresser seconded a motion to authorize the expenditure of up to $1,500.00 for labor for the landscaping of the Hensley entrance. The Board approved the motion. President Mitchell is authorized to manage all aspects of this landscaping project.


A The portion of the Calle Verde entrance solar lighting disappeared over the summer. Jae Allen moved and Bill Gresser seconded a motion to authorize the expenditure of up to $250.00 to replace the missing solar lights. The motion was approved by the Board.

B John Ulrich reminded the Board that we will soon need to replace some of the several different type of lights which are used to light the entrances to Mesa Del Sol. John recommended that all future replacement lights be of one consistent type which will may be cheaper and easier to maintain.

New Resident Committee

A The home sales report for September 2016 showing sales in Mesa Del Sol were passed out to Board members and reported that eleven homes were sold. .
B Sally Pottratz will work with Bill Vasey and the New Resident Committee to deliver new resident welcome packets to these new home owners.


A. Reviewed six new website submissions of possible CC&R violation to determine follow up by the CC&R committee. One of the six new possible CC&R violations was in fact a violation and has been remedied as of 11-05-216. The other five submissions will continue to be reviewed and followed up on as required.

6. Old Business

A. Hensley entrance design and process - see item A & B under the Landscaping committee report above. .
B. President Mitchell reported that the painting of the lettering on all Mesa Del Sol entrance signs has been completed and the bill for the painting should be paid.
C. A Mesa Del Sol neighborhood wide garage sale is scheduled for March 3 and 4, 2017. These dates will be communicated at the Mesa Del Sol Property Owners Association annual meeting to be held in February 2017.

7. New Business

A. No update was given on obtaining maps from Yuma County for use in updating the maps on the Mesa Del Sol Property Owners Association website.

B. A date will be set at the December 1, 2016 Board meeting for the next North Frontage Road clean up day

8. The next MDSPOA Board Meeting will be held on Thursday, December 1, 2016 at 5:00 PM at the Foothills Library. .

8. MDSPOA Board adjourned the meeting at 6:07 PM.

Minutes submitted by
Jae Allen
JNovember 6, 2016