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Did you know that all of the properties within all of the communities within Mesa Del Sol are subject to cc&rs?
Each community within Mesa Del Sol has its own set of cc&rs. However, there are some rules that are common to all of the cc&rs. According to the bylaws of the Mesa Del Sol property owners association, these cc&rs were established to "protect the existing rights and property values of the residents and the mode of life of the residents as outlined in the various contracts, covenants, and restrictions."
Your board of directors is responsible for ensuring that all of the cc&rs are enforced.
We have been receiving multiple complaints from property owners about unkempt yards/lots and boats, trailers, motorhomes, and other types of recreational vehicles being maintained in driveways, on the street or in front yards.
All of these things negatively affect the quality of Mesa Del Sol and can ultimately affect our property values.
The cc&r committee will be following up on all of these complaints. We, as your elected board directors, are asking for the cooperation of all mds property owners in adhering to their cc&rs.
Copies of all of the cc&rs that govern the communities within MDS are posted on this website for easy access.
Please help us keep Mesa Del Sol a beautiful and desirable community in which to live.
Thank you in advance for your cooperation,,
The MDSPOA board of directors

The purpose of the Mesa Del Sol
Property Owners Association

The purpose of the Mesa Del Sol Property Owners Association is to maintain and improve the quality of life and the value of the proprieties within Mesa Del Sol, within the constraints imposed by limited income, from strictly voluntary membership and voluntary administration.

The stated purpose will be advanced by addressing the following areas: